I organize packwalks on a regular basis from October to May.

A packwalk is walking in a group of dogs with their owners.

Usually we are between 15 to 25 dogs and their owners, which is great 

fun for everyone, especially for the dogs.

There is nothing more fun for a dog than walking as a pack.

We are walking different routes usually 2 hours ...

if you like to participate with your dog, you are most welcome to join 

as long as your dog is social ... call me for more information: 626 165 567

This packwalk season started on Nov 4th 2017 because of the hot weather 

everybody was looking forward to it ...

Our packwalk on Nov 18th was very enjoyable again 

especially because we are an international group and a lot 

of food can be donated again very soon !

Because of the festive season we had a break and started again on

Jan 13th 2018 ... no photo sorry :-(  ...

 We started our next packwalk on Jan 27th at the beach in Oliva and 

it was very enjoyable for all of us ...

Our  next packwalk on Feb 10th we repeated at the Oliva beach, 

because everybody enjoyed the last one sooo much  

but it was quite cold and very windy  

but still a nice day out ...