Dog Psychology

Dog Psychology is the understanding of the dogs intercommunication and 
how dogs educate eachother. Understanding their communication solves all the common problems we face with our dogs.

After years of observing domesticated and wild packs of dogs, I fully understand their behaviourism and intercommunication.

Every year thousands of dogs all over the world are put to sleep, because their owners can't handle them.
It is my desire to help dog owners to understand their dogs and help them to solve the problems, they have with their dogs.

Problems are always starting at home for various different reasons. My resocializing and training always starts at the dogs home with his owners.

Every dog can be resocialized and trained at any age. Very often a problem can be solved within a few hours or even minutes. And very often a problem seems to be huge to the owner, but is very small to be solved by a professional dog handler.

Don't hesitate to contact me for help before the problem gets out of order, I can help you with any problem, because I have a long year experience with "trouble" dogs.

Have you got problems like these: 

Does your dog pull on the lead ?

Does your dog not listen ?

Does your dog wreck your house contents ?

Does your dog not come when called ?

Does your dog attack people or dogs ?  etc., etc., etc., etc.

Would you like me to help you solving these problems ?

Read my articles and call me for help: 

Sabina Farnhill - Dipl. Canine Behaviour Psychologist  

+34   626 165 567

Remember: "only a calm and submissive dog is obedient and happy !!!

A happy dog makes a happy owner !!!"