The difference between the human and animals

I would like to comment about the principal relationship within the human being and all other species, especially one of our closest friends … the dog.

The human breed is very special thinking that he is the best of all by putting himself on such a high pedestal.

Being an animal - human behaviourist and psychologist, after years of analysing, my answer is that there is no justification for that and nothing makes the human better than any other specie !!!
In fact we humans are only out to destroy everything around us.

Yes we are intelligent by inventing all this incredible technology, more and more, we just can't stop … and what is all the brillant technology for ? To destroy ourselves and the beautiful nature and species, we should respectfully share our lives with.

Over the thousands of years that the human race exists we are lacking in many ways, have lost our instinct, common sense, any sense to judge facts in a sensibal way.

When I am asked to help dog owners with problems they are having with their dogs, one of the first things they say to me is: “my dog does such stupid things” or “my dog is such a
nuisance” or “my dog is driving me crazy” … and very rarely anybody says to me “could it
possibly being caused by me ?”

Hardly any human looks intensely at himself and questions his actions. We don't even take the
time / patience trying to understand our own dogs after we started domesticating them 6400
yrs. ago and still we have a lack of communication with them.

Instead humans go to dog training classes to drill their dogs in a military way to be obedient and then be proud of how they achieved this in the end.

Drill is conditioning, that means the dog will follow your command, because its brain is conditioned, but it doesn't do it out of respect for his owner, two completely different results.

A good example are we humans, we are conditioned on money, our brains are conditioned on consuming goods and possessions. A circus animal is conditioned and with condition comes adiction and obsession.

What actually makes the dog submissive and respectful ?

It is the understanding between packleader (owner) and his pack (dog).
When understood the submission and obedience will automatically take place out of respect.

Respect is based on trust and the key to every relationship between species.
It is a giving and taking by understanding eachother.