Most important steps to do when adopting a dog from a shelter

Important steps to take care of when adopting a dog:

*Check on your energy level as well as the one of the dog you want 
  to adoptbecause they have to match.

*Take the dog for several walks before making a decision. Take it to town 
  as well and find out, if you can cope with it.

*When you decide to adopt it, prepare everything at home:
  lead, collar, bed, food and water bowls.
  Make sure the whole family is desiring the dog as much as you do !!!

*The day you take it home is very important for the future life !!!

*Your house has to be introduced step by step and very slowly to the dog 
  on the lead !!!
  Don't talk to it and let it take all the scents in.

*Introduce it to it's bed, which should be placed, where life takes place 
  most of the time (Lounge ?)

*Now you should feed it its first meal. After that let it rest and sleep. 
  If it is hiper, sit down and read something or watch Television etc. 
  This will calm it, because it needs to rest at this point to take everything 
  on board and dogs can only do that during their sleep.

*Show your new friend its boundaries and limitations from day one.

*Do never punish it, if it does something wrong, but praise it when 
  doing good.

*Don't overpower it with attention, some dogs can't handle that.

*Dogs are pack animals and need to socialize with others.

*For the first weeks walk it on the lead only and let it off only when it 
  comes to socializing and playing with other dogs. 
  This will create a bond between you.

*Take it to the town centre with you, take it into Cafeterias and Restaurants, 
  which is the best way for it to learn, that it has a packleader, who it can 
  trust 100% in every situation.

  Good Luck and Congratulations to your new family member.
  If you follow these steps, you are on the best way to create a wonderful 
  relationship with your new friend.

  Read the articles on my website, it'll give you more understanding about 
  the needs of our dogs.

  If you have a problem, don't hesitate to phone me, before the problem 
  gets out of control.

  This is written by
  Sabina Farnhill Dipl. Canine Behaviour Psychologist 
  Tel. 626 165 567