The Myth of the Podenco hounds

The misconception of the Podenco, Pharao hound, Ibicenco has been occupying my mind for a long time and I want to eventually educate the public about this noble breed and eradicate the misunderstanding about the Podencos.
The spanish Podenco hound, a hunting dog as well as all other breeds of hunting dogs is no exception in his behaviour as a hunting dog.

A description of the Podenco hounds:

The Podenco is a very delicate breed, the figure can be almost compared with that of a greyhound. His body is very athletic and his staying power is acceptional, from a standing position he can easily jump nearly 2,50m high. He is extremely social and lacks any sign of aggression. A dog you can only wish for, provided his needs get fullfilled.

History of the Podenco hounds:

Podenco translated means hound, he is considered the best type of hunting dog, because he is hunting with all his three senses, specialized in rabbits. It has been said that the first Pharaoh hounds were brought as a gift by the Egyptian queen for the spanish royal family to Ibiza. The Pharaoh Hound was much appreciated and you can find him therefore on all cave paintings and grave chambers in Egypt. Also on the island of Ibiza
he is appreciated as a noble breed and Artists even set him a monument in Ibiza Town.

Bronze hounds in a protective hand”

I will not get into details, but the Ibizan hound here on the spanish mainland only has little chance of being appreciated as a noble breed. That's why the animal shelters here are full of them, especially after the hunting season they are abandoned in their hundreds.

And at the same time there is a myth about this noble breed widespread for example:
- You cannot let him off the leash, because he does not come back when called
- You can not educate him
- He climbs over walls and fences, no matter how high

Of course, a hunting dog, which has hunting in the blood over hundreds of generations will always want to hunt, but that problem can be easily controlled. The problem is the same with any other hunting dog breed.

There are simple solutions to meet those needs.

Each breed of dog has been bred for a specific purpose, ie the dog had always a "job". Most breeds are "working dogs," that must not be forgotten. It is important, no matter what breed you have, whether it is a herd dog, a guard dog, a hunting dog, a rescue dog or a guide dog, the needs of specific breeds must be met.
Are the different needs met, your dog will no longer jump over fences and walls, or doesn't come when called. If the needs are totally satisfied he will sit by the sofa and be the happiest dog.

Stick to the basic rules and keep them always in mind:

Energy reduction - discipline - affection, in that order, as it stands and not vice versa.
I have rehabilitated many hounds and trained their owners, who are the happiest dog owners today.

Call me if you need help.