Traumatized Luna

Thanks God that we have some genuine animal protectors here on the Costa Blanca, who have rescued many animals from their misery.

Including little Luna.
Luna was only a few weeks old when she had been put on a large, empty plot without weather protection, food and above all without any contact with humans or animals.

For a puppy who is only a few weeks old and separated from his mother and siblings and then left all on her own, this will lead to torture. This little worm stunted literally physically and mentally.

What a puppy between the 4th and 12 week learns and receives from its mother and siblings, namely his social behavior and discipline is very important for its further development.

Thank God Luna was discovered by animal protectors and been brought out of her misery. Luna was totally traumatized at the time (5 months old) and would she have remained more weeks in this state, she would have been seriously damaged. She came to a foster home and was adopted shortly afterwards.

The problem started after a few weeks in the new family. She was flooded with affection and totally overwhelmed with her new situation.

This happens very often when people adopt a pet from the 'dog compound'.
The animal has "suffered", so it deserves now just "love".

This is "human", but not "animal".

The new owners of Luna were overwhelmed with her, because she had especially "anxiety" problems. Traffic, people, loud noises, just about anything made ​Luna being frightened. On top she was in an absolute destructive mode in the house and the garden. Her anxiety and phobias turned into a nightmare for her owners.

Luna urgently needed help!

I told the owners of Luna, what had happened in her psyche and how she needed to be helped. I created a psychological program, which had to be performed for the next 4 weeks and soon turned into a successful result.

Luna is now a well-balanced dog who shows no fear, who can be taken 
anywhere and who is totally socialized with humans and animals.
She is a true joy for her owners ( pack leaders ).

I am pleased with the results, if my instructions are taken on board.
But most important is the "sense of achievement" for the owner of the 
"problem dog", because the positive energy of the handler will instantly show in his dog.

The formula for a calm submissive and balanced dog is:

Energy reduction - Discipline - Affection

it must be applied exactly in this order !!! 

Do not forget, only a balanced, calm submissive dog is a happy dog ​​and a true friend and companion.

Read my articles and if you need help with the upbringing of your dog or problem, please call me!

Every problem can be solved, at any age of your dog !

Do not forget your dog lives in the now and not in the past.

Thank you for reading,
Sabina Farnhill, Canine Coaching
Dog Training on the Costa Blanca from Calpe, Benissa to Javea