Oscar the dominant Cockerspaniel

When dog owners contact me, there is usually a serious reason for it.

In most cases it is already a manifested problem at this point and the
Dog owners are then already at the end of their “know how” and I am the last hope.
I always ask if they already have something done against the "Problem" with their dog and if they have an idea, why their dog became a Problem Dog”.
At this point most of them had already contacted a "Dog expert" or went to a local dog training. But unfortunately, the "advice" didn't work out for any reason whatsoever.

I will introduce you to some of these cases from now on and I believe that some of you will see similarities with your dog "problem".

Today it is about Oscar, a Cocker Spaniel:

I always start solving the problem at the dogs home, to get a picture of how the dog lives, and what rank he has within his family (pack).
I can usually get a picture after a few minutes where the real problem has its roots and most of the time my image is different from the discription of the problem from the dog owners point of view.

So we come to Oscar, a “mad dog” (8 years old), but unfortunately he now lives with his fourth family, and obviously all families have failed on him and no one had identified the causes of the problem.
Oscar has been showered with affection and at the same time no one had given him any discipline and limitations or guidance, which he desperately needed.

Instead he had been treated like a human child, which was pushed to make his own decisions at all times, because nobody restricted him. Although he gave clear signs and warnings, nobody saw them, so Oscar started to react with more and more aggression towards his owners. The problem manifested itself, because still nobody reacted to it.

It is a classic example of human failure.

The previous owners of Oscar had no intention to ask help from a professional Dog psychologist considering solving the problem, instead they passed him and the problem on to the next owner.

The solution is simple for me, even now after such a long time it can be solved, because a dog lives always in the now and not in the past.

And always the problems have their roots at home.

It only took a little time to re-socialize Oscar to help him to the right way and he was so grateful to finally get into a good life, that was all he wanted, a pack leader he could follow and rely on.

When I start working with the dog and dog owner and explain the reasons for the dog's behavior, then I get mostly as a counter reaction :

"Yes of course, why did I not recognize all this ?"

I think it's always very exciting and I see just that in my role as a "Dog psychologist”:
the dog owner recognizes the problem with my help and with my instructions, the dog can be rehabilitated, provided the dog owner can take my instructions on board.

Read my monthly articles and if you need help in educating your dog or solving problems, then give me a call !

Every problem can be solved, no matter how old your dog is !

Don't forget your dog lives in the now and not in the past.

Thank you for reading,
Sabina Farnhill, Canine Coaching
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