Education 3


You know in the meantime the basic rules in the same order :


All three parts are equally important , but must be followed in that order.
AFFECTION may be viewed and displayed in various ways.

People show their affection towards animals with hugs , kisses , caresses and especially with feeding of " Treats 's".
In the animal world affection is projected differently, ie Dogs lick each other's faces and mouths , nudge and rub against each other .

Affection in dogs also means personal care, ie brushing, Combing , cutting nails , cleaning ears, etc. The body care means in the dog world social status. Mutual Cleaning is a very important social act within the pack.

You see again, in the dog world communicating is done with body language , without expressing verbally , you may possibly hear a benevolent grunt or light happy yelp .

Within the wolf pack, the affection is provided always at the end of the day , after the work is completed, ie after the hunted prey has been killed.

The Affection is always rewarded after work, hunt or a successful learning process from the leader of the pack with food. This is the time of the main feeding.

It is important to observe - the pack leader eats first always and only when he is ready, his pack is allowed to eat whatever is left, even if only remnants are left. Nevertheless, the pack is ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED and will always respect his pack leader .

Let us put this ritual in our human / Dog relationship and that means :

The dog's owner ( pack leader ) prepares the food and the dog should watch it, but only at a distance. We give our dog only the food when it is in a quiet , subordinate status, ie if he sits or lies.

Only the pack leader decides the timing of the food ritual. The longer it takes to prepare the food , the better for the dog to respect you .

Feeding is one of the most important rituals in the pack and the pack leader (dog and dog owner ). Take your time , whatever you want to achieve with your dog,at all times be calm assertive, only then your dog will be calm submissive.

You may remember my article after you have lived through this experience of success with your dog. You have already learned , your dog's behavior is a mirror of yourself.

I will continue to report on :


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Every problem can be solved, no matter how old your dog is!

Do not forget your dog lives in the now and not in the past.

Thank you for reading,
Sabina Farnhill, Canine Coaching
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