Education 1


Education starts at home with setting rules and limitations, which is called discipline. Only calm and submissive dogs are obidient and happy !!!
Discipline doesn't mean punishment, it only means being calm assertive.
Many humans mix this up. The rules are always set by the "Pack Leader", that means you
A fundamental rule for education for dogs is: Exercise - Discipline - Affection ( in this order ). In most cases it is the opposite order and that is, where problems start.

We start with the exercise:

Depending on the energy level of your dog, exercise can have many different varieties. A dog needs daily exercise, at least one extended walk for about one hour. Many dog owners think, if they take the dog around the block for a pee and a poo, that's all the dog needs. Wrong !!!

Provided should be a walk on and off the lead. During that time it should meet other dogs, which means socializing, very good for it's "Pack Behaviour". The main idea for exercise is the fun for the dog and the owner joinly, also getting rid of uncontrolled energy. 

Try to walk in different areas and meet different dogs all the time. Make the walk interesting by changing directions or play "hide and seek".The idea behind is: the dog never knows, what is coming next.

Consequently the dog will learn not to keep his eyes off you and will always stay close to you paying attention to what is coming next.
You now manifest this by repeating this walking ritual every day.
If you have a dog with a very high energy level you can include throwing a Ball or Frisbee and let the dog retrieve it. 

We are coming to advanced walking exercises ia later article.

Dogs on a very high energy level ie Afghan Hounds or Jack Russel Terrier can be taken in addition next to a bicycle or on a treadmill, but that doesn't mean, you can skip the walk.

In the next article I will talk about the Discipline.

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Remember only calm and submissive dogs are obedient and happy dogs !!!

Thank you for reading,
Sabina Farnhill, Canine Coaching
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