A new family member

You have chosen a puppy or an adult dog from an animal shelter or a breeder ... the situation is the same: depending on how the dog is introduced to it's new home it will receive information ie which rank it is going to have.

Before taking the dog home, you should have an extended walk with it, which is the start of the bond between you and the dog. It also takes a lot of energy out of both of you ie exitement.

Your position as the pack leader:

You now introduce the dog to it's new home, your home.

Enter your house with the dog on the lead and step in first, remember you are the pack leader and do everything first. Leave the dog on the lead and introduce it to 1 or 2 rooms on the first day, the rest of the house will be shown to him the next day.

Don't let the dog know how excited you are, be calm and assertive ... it is beneficial for your later relationship.

People tend to overload the new dog with love and attention, which will overpower it, which is a typical human reaction.

Now you show the dog to it's future place, ie basket or blanket and after that you prepare it's food.

You now start a very important part of your relationship by feeding it. 

Let the dog watch whilst preparing it's food, but keep an invisible boundary between you, which it must not cross. When you have finished preparing it's food you must have a snack of something, which you eat in front of it. While all this is happening, the dog must stay in a relaxed position, calm and submissive, until you tell it that it is it's food time.
It doesn't matter where you place it's food bowl, but it is important , to tell the dog, when it is allowed to eat.

Take your time with this ritual, because it is very important for your later relationship.

In the dog world the pack leader is eating first in front of it's pack and whatever it leaves is for the rest of the pack. With this rule you will reassure your position as the pack leader.

Remember, if you have carried out this feeding procedure wrong for many years, don't worry, it is never too late to retrain your dog to the 'new' and correct way of feeding.

You now have reached a milestone in your relationship with your new family member ... in my next article we start with the education !!!

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Remember only calm and submissive dogs are obedient and happy dogs !!!

Thank you for reading,
Sabina Farnhill, Canine Coaching
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