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The Myth of the Podenco hounds

The misconception of the Podenco, Pharao hound, Ibicenco has been occupying my mind for a long time and I want to eventually educate the public about this noble breed and eradicate the misunderstanding about the Podencos.
The spanish Podenco hound, a hunting dog as well as all other breeds of hunting dogs is no exception in his behaviour as a hunting dog.

Traumatized Luna

Thanks God that we have some genuine animal protectors here on the Costa Blanca, who have rescued many animals from their misery.

Including little Luna.
Luna was only a few weeks old when she had been put on a large, empty plot without weather protection, food and above all without any contact with humans or animals.

Oscar the dominant Cockerspaniel

When dog owners contact me, there is usually a serious reason for it.

In most cases it is already a manifested problem at this point and the
Dog owners are then already at the end of their “know how” and I am the last hope.

Education 3


You know in the meantime the basic rules in the same order :


All three parts are equally important , but must be followed in that order.
AFFECTION may be viewed and displayed in various ways.

Education 2


Remember the rule for education in this order:
Exercise - Discipline - Affection
In Education 1 I started with the exercise and now I talk about the Discipline. Very important it is to practise Discipline in a dogs daily life.

Education 1


Education starts at home with setting rules and limitations, which is called discipline. Only calm and submissive dogs are obidient and happy !!!
Discipline doesn't mean punishment, it only means being calm assertive.

A new family member

You have chosen a puppy or an adult dog from an animal shelter or a breeder ... the situation is the same: depending on how the dog is introduced to it's new home it will receive information ie which rank it is going to have.

The right energy level

Wrong energy match

Most people don't think about the energy level of the dog they choose, but the energy level is most important for the contentment of the whole family (pack) in the future.